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Step by step

If you’re not sure what kind of video you want, we can help you with your ideas and aims and create the best video for your specific needs and budget.

You might simply say to us “I need a video,” or you might give us a clear brief with all your requirements. Either way, we’ll embrace your initial thoughts and work with them.

Whatever style of video you decide you would like, the steps we follow will be very similar and are confident that our processes works well, but are flexible enough to accommodate changes of direction should that happen.



Planning you shoot is an important process. We will get to understand your requirements, who your audience is and maximise your budget. Together, we will develop  and refine ideas.This is the most critical part of the process to work out you needs and find what direction you are going. The majority of the production goes into the pre-planning. Once we have the idea set, making your video is the easy part!



We manage the entire design process from beginning to end to include script development, storyboarding, filming and editing. We can offer advice on style, strength of narrative, and how to get the message across effectively to best to connect with the audience.



At Pout we like our fast cut snappy edits and high production value. When it comes to efficient video editing, punchy colour grading, attention grabbing sound effects and hypnotic animated words on screen we know what we are doing. We charge our edits by the hour and so work quickly and efficiently with most projects signed off on the second edit review.



Once the video has been created and signed off, we can export your finished production to where ever you require your video to be seen and make sure you video works seamlessly on social media. You can expect a smooth process and clear communication from us throughout – resulting in a video that gets noticed and gets results.



It’s one thing getting a video made, it’s another thing getting people to sit down and watch it! Brand management for social media is something we can help you with ensuring your production finds the right eyes! Speak to us for more information.




Once filmed the process of editing commences, which can be very time consuming and slow depending on what is required for the final output. The editing fee is agreed before filming commences and is part of the post process. Additional fees will be charged if the editing goes over the allotted time originally agreed or changes are required in addition to the agreed edit.


The final film at Poutmedia  is edited and pieced together in a way to make the story interesting and engaging so leave this to the editor.

Editing includes global exposure colour correction and grading. Any additional special effects will incur additional fees


If there is a specific way you wish your film to appear,  you may wish to sit with the editors as they go through the process with you. This does slow down the editor considerably and so is charged at £65 per hour + VAT above the agreed shoot and edit rate.

  • Film editing
  • Colour grading
  • Cinematic and short films
  • Showreel editing from existing film
  • Video output and conversion
  • Online marketing and promotion with video
  • Viral and online marketing

Film editing is creating a cohesive story with your brand which will engage potential customers or inform them.


The Turnaround for editing is around 5-12 days depending on demand but if you require an extra fast turn around (3 days) it will cost plus 100%

All videos are delivered online to our Vimeo production page so you can take advantage of immediate delivery and link direct to your agency, personal website or even social media like FaceBook. The videos can be password protected. The choice is yours.

We will export the film normally to the standard 1080 HD 24p but if you have any other requirements let us know and we will adjust accordingly.

We can additionally send video updates via Whatsapp which is a cool way to received low-res updates while on the go.

Film editing Post Production

The process of editing can be very time-consuming, however,  with our pre-planning postproduction it’s made easier as we already have a plan and just have to fill the slots we have created.

From time to time we do like to have the talent sitting in with us as we edit as it can be an eye-opening experience to watch.


Once first edit has been completed, a link to a sample video will be sent to the client for approval with timecode.
Sample colour grading or effects work may also be subject to approval prior to final completion.
After final approval by email, the full-quality video will be sent.
Two rounds of minor or technical corrections are included in the price. Further corrections will be charged separately.

Delivery Process

Delivery format is Quicktime movie H264. If you require other formats let us know and we will adjust accordingly.